How to play poker game safely


These days, several poker sites outsource their information to third party security organizations so that poker players are prevented from getting an unfair edge over their co-players. By using the security feature called Hand of Summary Obfuscation (HSO), players do not know the hand they are playing. Yet another feature, Down Card Concealment (DCC), allows players and third party security companies to know the secret cards players hold. It has become necessary these days for online poker sites to increase the security they invest in so that players can play confidently and without being cheated, particularly when they play poker with high stakes. By doing this, players needn’t worry about their funds being stolen or a co-player cheating against him. However, when players play online poker, they enjoy several advantages, such as not needing to take risks if players don’t want to; and enjoying the security of sitting down at a table to play. The online player feels secure in the knowledge that he will not be cheated and the fact that he can pull out of the game whenever he wants to.

Apart from these, he can also enjoy other safety tips while playing online poker:

  • Hold your passwords, bank account numbers or any other related information secret. No professional online poker room will ever ask for such information, so watch out.
  • Check that the online poker room you’ve shortlisted is accredited and verified by reliable third parties.
  • If you come across sites that let you cheat at this game, don’t subscribe to them. They could well be phishing scam or computer viruses.
  • Online poker rooms do not give you any security over money that you transfer online to other players. So, to be safe, don’t transfer any money to co-players or anyone else, and if you do, don’t expect it back.
  • If there’s a local law that bars you from playing poker, obey it. Don’t go over the law and invest in a poker room, hoping to get access to the site.
  • Is your computer secure? Check that you have installed virus protection software and anti-spyware to keep your system secure and resistant to hackers.
  • Check the link in emails you receive from an online poker room. There are many phishing scams that involve displaying one link when it actually goes to a completely different, non-secure site.
  • Be cautious when you download a peripheral from any poker room. They track your statistics and provide them to other players.

You should take all precautions before playing online sure poker because the cyber world isn’t a safe place anymore. Install all kinds of safety software before launching into the game.

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